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About Us
AACP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program Purpose:
To provide continuing professional development to members and others who are eligible and dedicated to life-long learning.
The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) will provide high quality, active, engaging educational programming which enables individuals to continuously improve their knowledge and skills.
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Upcoming AACP Events

Since 1900, AACP’s member-directed programming provides pharmacy educators with opportunities to network with peers at our annual, interim and other meetings for the purposes of enrichment, professional growth and development. A complete listing of upcoming CPD events is available in the catalog below. Don't miss any of these exciting opportunities.

Attention Attendees: In order to receive credit for participating In CE activity sessions, you must include your valid NAPB e-Profile ID & Birthdate in MMDD format in your LECE profile. Failure to do so will jeopardize receiving CE credit from NAPB.
CPD Activity Release Date Expiration Date Flyer Hours
Virtual Pharmacy Education 2020: On-Demand Sessions 07/13/2020 06/15/2021 N.A. 87.50
Virtual Pharmacy Education 2020: Teachers Seminar 07/06/2020 06/15/2021 N.A. 9.00
Virtual Pharmacy Education 2021: Pre-Recorded Sessions 07/19/2021 10/22/2021 N.A. 5.50
Webinar: An Examination of the Pharmacist Workforce 03/25/2020 03/25/2023 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: CAPE 2013 Outcomes, PPCP, and EPAs 06/20/2019 06/20/2022 N.A. 0.50
Webinar: Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Educational (CAPE) 2013 Outcomes 03/14/2019 03/14/2022 N.A. 0.50
Webinar: Citizens for Change: Promoting Professionalism and Collegiality for Success 01/14/2021 01/14/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Cultivating Positivity in Pharmacy Education through Intentional Optimism 10/27/2020 10/27/2023 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Developing Quality Teaching Initiatives to Promote Successful SOTL Publication 02/03/2021 02/03/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Emergency Preparedness and Response: Pharmacist’s Role, Contributions and Continuing Professional Development Resources 09/16/2021 09/16/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Finding the Path Forward: Aiding Practice Transformation Through A Focus on Professional Identity Formation (PIF) 05/19/2020 05/19/2023 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: From Silos to the Bigger Picture 03/10/2021 03/10/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: IPE and IPP in Practice Transformation 04/16/2020 04/16/2023 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Pharmacists Patient Care Process (PPCP) 04/16/2019 04/16/2022 N.A. 0.50
Webinar: Pharmacists' Prescribing for Tobacco Cessation Medications 11/16/2021 11/16/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Preparation and Submission of Scholarly Manuscripts 04/14/2021 04/14/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Subtle Harmful Team Behaviors in Change Efforts: Is It You or Is It Me? 05/17/2021 05/17/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: Teaching Medical Cannabis in Pharmacy Curricula 04/20/2021 04/20/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: The Best Gift in the World- Time! 01/28/2021 01/28/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: The Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for New Pharmacy Graduates 05/15/2019 05/15/2022 N.A. 0.50
Webinar: Translating Teaching Strategies into Scholarly Publications 03/25/2021 03/25/2024 N.A. 1.00
Webinar: What you should know about CPESN, ACT Pharmacy Collaborative and FtP Initiatives to Transform Community-Based Pharmacy Practice 06/10/2020 06/10/2023 N.A. 1.00