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About Us

AACP Mission
The mission of AACP is to advance pharmacy education, research, scholarship, practice and service, in partnership with members and stakeholders, to improve health for all. 
We will accomplish this mission by:
  • Providing forums for faculty development and networking.
  • Disseminating cutting-edge pedagogy related to professional and graduate education.
  • Fostering environments and stimulating the development of resources that support the research and scholarship of faculty.
  • Creating leadership and advocacy skills development opportunities for members and students.
  • Fostering development of innovative professional and graduate education programs, assessment, resources and strategies.
  • Facilitating members’ development, evaluation and dissemination of new practice models through collaboration with other healthcare organizations and practitioners.
  • Facilitating development of products, programs and services for members that create efficiencies and effectiveness, and enhance value.
  • Ensuring the appropriate infrastructure and resources are in place to advance our mission.
  • Providing advocacy for academic pharmacy.
  • Supporting faculty and graduates dedicated to and equipped for life-long learning, utilizing models of continuing professional development.
AACP Vision
We envision a world of healthy people through the transformation of health professions education. 
  1. Improved pedagogy and contemporary curricula, validated by outcomes assessments that produce patient-centered professionals.
  2. Expanded base of knowledge, use and evaluation of the systems, innovative practice models, services and technologies that will result in the finest medication use systems available.
  3. Replication of U.S. pharmacy education models by other countries.
  4. Evidence-based advocacy that utilizes members’ practice innovation and scholarship, and positively influences the nation’s health policy.
  5. Productive and preeminent scholars in practice, education and the pharmaceutical, administrative, translational and clinical sciences.
  6. Faculty and graduates as leaders contributing in many ways to improve the quality of healthcare and public health locally, nationally and globally.
  7. Financially strong, progressive and well-led institutions.
  8. Increased patient awareness of the value of pharmacists as healthcare providers.